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HKB Wing Chun Irvine: Introducing
the Most Real-World
Hand-to-Hand Cold Combat , and Self Defense Martial Arts in the World - Conveniently Located Here in Irvine!
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You Want to Join an Elite Team of Irvine Neighbors Who Are Going From Defenseless Newbie’s to Skilled Kung Fu Martial Arts Pros - Empowered to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones in Any Situation at the Drop of a Dime?

Plus, While You’re Making New Friends and Having a Blast You’ll Shed Weight Fast, Get Stronger, Leaner and More Ripped Than Ever Before!

And don't forget to ask about our web special of 6 Weeks UNLIMITED Training for $39 When You Come to Our School...

Martial art


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From the Desk of: Grand Master Kenneth Lin
Founder of Black Flag Wing Chun Kung Fu  

Hi Friend, and welcome to my site!


You’ve just stumbled upon the perfect opportunity to become a proficient and skilled Kung Fu Martial Artist - trained in the most effective military-level, hand-to-hand cold combat system scientifically designed to maximize the human body’s ability to best use time, space and energy to efficiently defend and dismantle opponents.

Popularized decades ago by the legendary Bruce Lee and meticulously crafted by eastern military leaders to defend the Ming dynasty, “Hek Ki Boen” Wing Chun Kung Fu is not only a cutting edge fighting is also consistent with its Chan (Zen) philosophy of spontaneity, completeness, and practicality.

Want to learn how to confidently end a potential assault quickly and without fan-fare in just the first 2 weeks of training - even if they’re bigger, stronger and armed? Then take advantage of your 6 Weeks of Unlimited Training for just $39 now

Plus, by training in this time and battle-tested Kung Fu system you’ll...

  • kung fu irvine wing chun arrow Watch pounds of stubborn fat melt away and rock-solid muscles take shape to reveal a tight and toned body - without the same old, boring and monotonous treadmill gym routine
  • kung fu irvine wing chun arrow Build your mental focus, internal vitality and sense peace and wellness - finally breaking mental fog, restlessness and/or internal sluggishness
  • kung fu irvine wing chun arrow Boost your self-confidence, discipline and even achieve self-actualization
  • kung fu irvine wing chun arrow Develop fun friendships and connections with a close-knit group of team members who come from all walks of life to push their limits, work hard and become martial arts pros.

What Makes My Martial Arts Program Different than Everybody Else?

I began serious study 30 years ago, in 1985, began training others in 1997 and began opening schools and training other masters in my own “Black Flag Wing Chun” Kung Fu since 2005. Today, my elite- level Kung Fu system is taught in more than 40 schools spanning 13 different countries in North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

I moved here to Irvine to establish HKB Wing Chun Irvine Martial Arts, in 2012, to be a premiere martial arts school in Irvine. We serve Irvine, Tustin, Anaheim, Orange, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Long Beach, Signal Hill, as well as the Los Angeles Metro Area.

As headquarters of the world Premier Kung Fu Organization, students and instructors travel from all over the world to study right here at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Martial Arts. We offer more than 120 martial arts classes per month, Morning, Afternoon and Evening time.

No matter what you personal goals are - whether you want to become a professional MMA fighter, Kung Fu champion, proficient in real-world self defense training for personal protection or you just want a more exciting way to get fit, lose weight and tone up - you’re guaranteed the finest Kung Fu martial arts experience in the world or your money back.

We are conveniently located at 17802 Irvine Blvd, Suite 239A, off the Freeway 5 South in Tustin, Near Irvine, California. We have exclusive training floors that are kept clean and sanitized everyday and provide a fun, friendly, family environment. Our goal is truly to develop “Black Sashes” and “Black Sash Excellence” outside and inside the school with cutting edge martial arts, self-defense and fitness training.

We’d love to chat with you by phone to share more with you about our Kung Fu programs, answer any questions you have and learn more about your personal goals. Give us a call at 949-297-6999.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about a specific program, click the desired link to learn more.

Adult Wing Chun Irvine Program, Women Self Defense Irvine, Kids Martial Arts Irvine, Kung Fu Fitness Irvine Program.

I look forward to training you to become a real-world, Kung Fu pro!


All the best,

Sifu Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk

Kenneth Lin

Chief instructor of HKB Wing Chun Irvine

kung fu irvine wing chun schools inside Premiere Irvine Martial Arts School for Adult, Women and Kids in the Heart of Irvine.

Elite Wing Chun Training

The best part about private lessons is that your learning can be directly tailored to your specific needs and desires whether you are a martial artist, an athlete, health professional, business professionals or whatever else you wish to apply these lessons to.
Private classes enable the instructor to teach the lessons in the order that will optimize learning and to adapt techniques to suit an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Your exclusive training will be directly with internationally recognized Grand Master, Sifu Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk. Sifu Lin has trained numerous special cases, professionals, athletes, corporate executive, local business owners, high-profile VIPs, people with disabilities, Famous Martial Artist, leaders and Grand masters. He has the experience, advanced knowledge and insight to help you!

Corporate Martial Arts Training

We can provide custom corporate training packages for employees, security personnel, military, and law enforcement personnel.

Safety awareness and martial arts training for executive/corporation employee. Too busy to fine time to train or maybe you want to organize a fun corporate activity, Kung Fu Training will certainly bring all the fun while learning how to be safer.

The Martial Arts Corporate class will lead to increased health and fitness for your employees while reducing absenteeism and, quite possibly, future healthcare insurance cost increases for your company. The program is designed to help your employees make a commitment to regular exercise while fostering camaraderie among workers who join the program.

Instructor Certification Program

If you are not prepared to be held under high standards and heavy scrutiny, this may not be for you. We are only looking for ethical students who will become ethical teachers that provide the highest level of professionalism to their students. When you join HKB, every action that you take, every word you say, and every student you teach is a direct reflection of our entire world-wide family, philosophy, and the integrity of this ancient system. Finally, and most importantly, if you are not prepared to dedicate yourself fully to the HKB system, we cannot take you as a student. This means that you must be prepared to develop an understanding beyond the simple act of technique by studying concept, philosophy, and energy work to create a well-rounded, deep in-rooted knowledge.

HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu · 17802 Irvine Blvd, Suite 239A Tustin, CA 92780 · (949) 297-6999
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Looking for a martial art school at HKB Wing Chun Irvine?

Martial Arts Irvine has been serving to provide best martial arts training in Irvine. Martial art Irvine has been considered as the best martial arts schools in Irvine. The Irvine martial art academy is rated as the top academy of self defense Irvine. If you want to learn the most aspiring secrets of martial arts and kung fu then you must join academy of Martial Arts Irvine. The areas covered by academy of martial arts Irvine include practices that are best martial arts for kids in Irvine. Women can also get training and learn kung fu as it is the best martial arts for women Irvine. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

What we offer for a newbie?

If you are new to martial arts or kung fu training and looking to get the best martial arts training in Irvine ever? Then you must have come to the right spot as our Irvine martial art training center offers Irvine martial arts training for dummies. In order to learn best of Irvine martial arts styles you can start to join any of the Irvine martial arts training camps and when you visit Irvine martial arts studios you’ll definitely enter the top rated and trusted Irvine martial arts training service. You will enter Irvine martial arts to learn all the martial arts and kung fu techniques under the influence of experts’ martial arts training professionals. Our services are open for everyone especially we offer: Irvine martial arts training for kids, Irvine martial arts training for women and Irvine martial arts training for men. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

A little about basic martial arts training we offer at HKB Wing Chun irvine

Here at our training centers, you will get a full practical as well as theoretical basis of all he types and techniques of martial arts and kung fu. You will get to know what the best martial arts Irvine training techniques are. Our Irvine martial arts training schools are the best among all. We‘ll also help you get deep knowledge about what is kung fu martial arts Irvine? What techniques you will get trained for and how you can excel for the techniques you have learned here. So if you are curious about us and want to know what is Martial Arts Irvine? You should first visit our local training center. As a supplement to martial arts we also offer advanced self-defense training s via our centers dedicated to self-defense training. You will get full details about what is self defense Irvine at our training centers. If you need to know and learn about what shaolin kung fu Irvine is and how you can get trained to become an expert, we can help you for sure. You can also go through our programs including: Wing Kung fu Irvine, Wing martial arts Irvine, Wing tsun Kung fu Irvine. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Best about Irvine kung fu world

The art of Kung Fu Irvine is as old as our company has been established here. Our Irvine best martial arts academy has been considered as the centre of Irvine best martial arts ever. Our international martial arts academy in Irvine has a chain of best martial arts schools in Irvine. The training centers run by martial arts Irvine network are Irvine best martial arts schools in the world. So, if you are looking up for quality training and best martial arts training in Irvine and best self defense martial arts Irvine you can visit our centers to get more details. Our academy also offers best martial arts for kids in Irvine. Kids can learn martial arts techniques and kung fu by expert trainers in our training schools. In addition to the martial arts training and Kung for kids and adults we also have full training available for wing chun. Irvine kung fu systems are well structured to make the trainee feel easy while learning and no stress has been imposed unless and until the trainee is ready to take it for sure. In our training school the Irvine Kung fu trainer knows how the trainee can learn in a better and faster way. Irvine Kung fu training fits for families, men, women and kids equally. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Our best kung fu/martial arts Irvine deals

Our best deals cover all the training and classes related to kung fu, shaolin and martial arts for everyone in Irvine. No matter if you are looking to get a kung fu Irvine training center for your children or for yourself you can find your best deal here at our centers. Children Kung fu Irvine has a range of children martial arts classes in Irvine and you can select which one suits your kids best. In addition to traditional martial arts training for your whole family we also offer special training in Chinese Martial Arts Irvine specialized to provide all Chinese martial arts training and techniques for you. Chinese martial arts school in Irvine will help you learn Chinese martial arts styles in Irvine. Or else if you need to get best Irvine wing chun kung fu training you can also find it here at our schools an academies. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. Our journey don’t end here we also offer: Dojo martial arts Irvine, Israeli martial arts Irvine in our specialized Irvine Israeli martial arts academy, Japanese martial arts Irvine at our Irvine Japanese martial arts academy, And Korean martial arts Irvine. Our trainers know how to teach you the best martial arts techniques no matter which course you select and which tactics you need to learn. Elite martial arts Irvine for kung fu is being taught by our world most expert kung fu trainers and practitioners. For your family training needs we have family martial arts Irvine classes for you offered in all of our specialized centers. Irvine family martial arts center has been considered as the best fighting martial arts Irvine for Kung Fu Irvine. Our promotional offers include: Free kung fu Irvine, free kung fu classes in Irvine, Irvine free martial arts training andlearn martial arts free in Irvine. Good kung fu Irvine training is available within all our promotional packages. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Best martial arts for kids in Irvine

The instructors in martial arts academy Irvine are highly qualified and experienced offering Irvine best martial arts in the world. In case you need to get you kid prepared for Irvine best martial arts ever in the best martial arts school in Irvine then you can get your kid to join children martial arts classes in Irvine. Our martial arts academy in Irvine offers martial arts and kung fu training. Kids can get full training regarding all techniques of kung fu at children kung fu Irvine. We have a special emphasis on training our young ones in a special way to equip them in a way that will serve them for self defense effectively. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. We offer customized Irvine martial arts classes in separate camps as well as we have organized Irvine martial arts classes for kids in their own schools. We offer Irvine martial arts in school premises and kids can learn all of their desired martial arts styles and techniques right at their school or any educational institution. Through Irvine martial arts instructions and training schedule kids can easily manage their studies as well as would learn nest martial arts practices while attending Irvine martial arts class for kids. Irvine martial arts classes for kids are run and governed by expert kung fu and martial arts practitioners and kids who need to attend Irvine martial arts lessons can find Irvine martial arts schools nearby around their residence. We have a wide network of Irvine martial arts academies and Irvine martial arts centers around the whole area and Irvine martial arts classes for children are being offered in all of our Irvine martial arts training centers. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Customized classes and centers for kids

Learning Martial Arts Irvine has never been so easy for kids before. Our martial arts offers for kids are not limited to just simple courses, rather the offers includes: Irvine karate classes for kids and Kid’s kung fu Irvine. Irvine kid’s kung fu classes are designed in a way that makes the kids to learn the hard to handle and complicated techniques in a much easier and quick manner. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. Our academy, kids martial arts Irvine offers courses in sub-campuses named kids martial arts Irvine. For kids Irvine Kung fu art has been introduced to make them expert in martial arts and Kung fu arts in order to prepare them for their self-defense. Irvine Kung fu child course is best suited for kids who are passionate to learn Kung fu but need special assistance by expert trainers. It’s not a game or mere instructing matter to teach a kid for Kung fu, rather it should be kept in mind that teaching and training a kid for martial arts and kung fu is a harder task as compared to training an adult. Irvine Kung fu children schools are best institutions for kids in order to learn safely and practically. Irvine Kung fu classes have an array of well designed and graded tasks that takes kids from lower to expert level gradually according to their age. Irvine martial arts lessons for kids include Irvine Kung fu for children. Irvine Kung fu for kids can be the best course for your kid to master kung fu at a younger age. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

What to expect from the best martial arts for women in Irvine?

Women being equally vulnerable to calamities and danger need the best self defense training for their self defense. Our self defence classes offer Irvine self defense tips for women. Here our instructors teach best Irvine self defense moves for women. Women can join to get full training through Irvine self defense classes for women. In addition to simple and easy to learn self defense tactics women are also being offered to be trained for latest Kung fu training. Irvine Kung fu for women is the best program for women and offer kung fu classes specially designed for women to learn kung fu in an easy to tackle way expertly. Our academy of women martial arts Irvine has top class instructors who have been in the field for years and now offering their expert training for Irvine women self defense classes. In women self defense Irvine training academy women are taught in a way that equips them to confront any hard to handle any sort of offensive confrontations expertly. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Our wing chun fu training services at HKB Wing Chun Irvine

Our training services are not just limited to simple martial arts and kung fu, rather we have wide span of training services that also include wing chun fu training services. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

New to wing chun fu? Don’t know what is wing chun fu Irvine?

No problem, when chun kung fu Irvine is here, you should not be worrying about where to learn wing chun fu Irvine. If you are searching about which is the best martial arts Irvine training center that can help you learn chun kung fu techniques expertly then you should not hesitate to join Irvine wing chun academy or you can also visit Irvine wing chun clubs. Our services at wing chun defense Irvine include full training on wing chun training from initial to advanced level. Irvine wing chun fu international services offer services worldwide having Irvine wing chun kung fu centers, Irvine wing chun kung fu schools , Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu.  Irvine wing chun kung fu Studio and also offer Irvine wing chun training at home. Wing chun in Irvine has been established and run by experts in this filed and have experience in teaching each and every technique to the highest level. When chun kung fu Irvine started its journey by opening wing chun martial arts Irvine and Irvine wing chun kung fu Center nobody was actually aware of its importance. Wing chun martial art Irvine has introduced a high level of wing chun martial arts that. At Irvine wing chun everything is being explained and individual are trained through clear instructions and practices. The techniques wing chun Irvine teaches to the students are practices adapted by experts and are tested through time. Irvine wing chun schools and Irvine wing chun studios are linked to each other maintaining standards around the world. The wing chun School Irvine has developed well organized training course. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Want to learn shaolin?

Shaolin kung fu Irvine also offers shaolin training for new comers as well as experts in martial arts. Irvine shaolin art is a part of our martial arts training courses that could be attended if you need greater expertise in self defense and close range combats while fighting in an offensive condition. Irvine shaolin kung fu center is being especially dedicated for those who need to learn shaolin techniques separately or as a part of other martial arts and kung fu training.At Irvine Kung fu Shaolin School each and every course has been designed to get the new comers a full grasp over the high level tactics easily and expertly. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Learn self defence with experts around the world

Self defense Irvine techniques are best for those who need to get a full grasp over self defense techniques. Irvine self defense classes include full training over all possible actions and techniques to make the learner equipped with expert techniques in order to confront combat situation effectively and briskly. Irvine self defense academy is the best self defense training center in Irvine that also collaborate along Irvine self defense clubs for Irvine self defense martial arts training and especially Irvine self defense moves for kids.  Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. These training centers also offer Irvine self defense moves for men to help them improve their moves and tactics to fight effectively. Our Irvine self defense trainer has years of experience in Irvine self defense training. Irvine self defense schools train the students to learn best techniques of self defense. Irvine self defense tips for kids are best for kids who have possible confrontations and need to defend themselves quickly. Our Irvine self defense tips for men also offer highly applicable and unique tactics that your offender might not be able to defend easily. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

Where to find and learn Martial Arts Irvine?

Searching to learn Martial Arts Irvine you can visit to get full information about all of our programs regarding: Learning self defense Irvine, Irvine martial art dojos, Irvine marshal arts, Martial arts fitness Irvine, Irvine martial arts in Chinese and Martial arts shaolin kung fu Irvine. If you are looking for Chinese martial arts and to learn Chinese martial arts Irvine our local martial arts schools in Irvine offer Irvine martial arts lessons for Irvine martial arts practice and Irvine martial arts moves. Irvine martial arts clubs also offer Martial Arts Irvine for adults and families. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. You can find to learn martial arts in Irvine and Irvine martial arts kung fu easily. Martial arts schools in Irvine have a huge network and if you are asking yourself the question that where I can find Irvine martial arts near me? Then Irvine martial arts schools is the answer. If you want to learn about more martial arts Irvine details regarding martial arts dojo Irvine, martial arts self defense Irvine and Irvine martial schools then please visit any of our local school or club to get your desired information and decide which course you are willing to take. The courses we offer is no nonsense self defense Irvine training rather it’s an expert way to get the most out of martial arts training. Our academies and schools are best if you need to learn and get training for practical martial arts Irvine and also practical self defense Irvine training. At our schools you’ll practice Martial Arts Irvine and learn realistic martial arts Irvine. Our school for martial arts Irvine, school kung fu Irvine and school of Chinese martial arts Irvine are best among all other schools of Martial Arts Irvine. Our chain framework of martial arts schools include: School of self defense Irvine, schools of kung fu Irvine, schools of martial arts Irvine, secret kung fu Irvine, secret shaolin kung fu Irvine and the academy of martial arts Irvine. Get your chance to learn the art of kung fu Irvine at the best kung fu Irvine school of training. Courses offered by us are considered to be Irvine the best martial arts in the world. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. Our Irvine traditional martial arts academy provides Irvine traditional martial arts training and training for Kung Fu Irvine. Get the best training kung fu Irvine at our clubs and academies. Our expert trainers are knowledgeable for training martial arts Irvine trainees. While you get the training of kung fu Irvine, at Irvine Kung fu art martial academy you will find yourself among Irvine Kung fu best trainers and instructors. Our Irvine Kung fu center is being valued as kung fu best martial art Irvine. You can also learn to get Irvine Kung fu black belt course in Irvine Kung fu classes for adults. You will learn at Irvine Kung fu, how to learn, practice and implement the techniques learned and judge the way you should apply your expertise. Irvine Kung fu institute provides Irvine kung fu learning through expertly designed and managed Irvine kung fu lessons. Kung fu martial arts Irvine training schools offer Irvine Kung fu martial arts techniques for both kids and adults. Irvine Kung fu men courses are specifically dedicated to men who need and advanced level training and become expert in their arts. Irvine Kung Fu School and kung fu defense Irvine has also offered courses and Kung fu training for women. Only at HKB Wing Chun Irvine Kung Fu. 

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